OCP Summary of Changes (From OCP Advisory Committee to Council)

An OCP Advisory Committee, comprised of citizen members and a Council representative, began work to revise the OCP in Fall 2020. On March 7, 2022 Council received a staff report and the document transitioned from the work of the Committee to the work of Council. Since March 2022, changes made to the draft OCP are:

  • Section 3.14 Comprehensive Development additional direction. Replace the second bullet from “consent” to “consult.” (March 28, 2022 Regular Council Meeting)
  • Whiffin Spit land use designation of Community Residential be replaced with Rural Residential. Include a Neighbourhood Area Plan boundary (similar to section 3.15 Billings/Kaltasin Neighbourhood Area Plan). (March 28, 2022 Regular Council Meeting )
  • Development Permit Area guidelines for the foreshore area, replace “30 m” with “15 m”. (March 28, 2022 Regular Council Meeting )
  • Lot 6, Plan VIP26066 (West Ridge Trails) land use designation of Rural Residential is replaced with Community Residential. (March 28, 2022 Regular Council Meeting )
  • Change Figure 7 OCP Land Use Designation for Lot 1, Section 121, Sooke District, Plan EPP22372, from Rural Residential to Comprehensive Development. (September 8, 2022 Regular Council Meeting )

A timeline summary of this period is captured below:

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