Where will the fenced dog park be located?

    Ponds Corridor, which is located between Church Road and Townsend Road. The current intent is for the fenced dog park to be located in the upper section of the green space marked below, closer to Church Road. The park will not cross the trail or block access to this important active transportation network. 

    Why is Ponds Corridor a desirable location?

    Centrally located, Ponds Corridor is a 1-hectare (2.5 acre) park. Of that space, approximately .25 ha or ½ acre would be used for the dog park. There is exceptional drainage in the area, minimizing construction costs. 

    Established trees at this location will help minimize sound distribution from dogs at play. In addition, the District has received a BC Hydro ReGreening Grant and will be planting additional trees in the area.

    Parking improvements along Church Road on the park frontage can allow for up to 12 angled spaces. Additionally, Ponds Park is on a well-connected trail network for those not needing to drive to the site. 

    What other locations have been considered for a dog park? Why can the dog park not be located at John Phillips Memorial Park?

    District-owned properties appropriately sized for a community fenced-dog park are limited. The Ponds Park Corridor, between Church and Townsend, was identified in both the 2009 and 2020 Parks and Trails Master Planning as a preferred community dog park location. It is well connected by trails, offers space for new parking areas, and the identified dog park location is already maintained as park space, ensuring that ongoing site maintenance can be integrated into existing staff resources.

    Two significant limitations of John Phillips Memorial Park include cost (to address drainage on the site, costs would likely rise to an excess of $300,000) and the ecological sensitivity of the Nott Brook watershed. 

    How much maintenance will the park require?

    An initial investment in surfacing will minimize maintenance. Ongoing maintenance can further be lessened by responsible pet owners picking up after their pets and disposing of the deposits in the provided receptacles.

    Further, as Parks Services currently maintains the site already, additional resources for park maintenance are not required. 

    Will there be an area for smaller dogs and larger dogs?

    No separation of dogs based on size or energy are planned at this time.

    How is the project being funded?

    In the 2021 budget, Council has approved up to $50,000 for the construction of a fenced dog park. The District will also be seeking community partners to assist with the park development through in-kind or monetary support.

    Will there be a fee to use the park?

    No user fees are anticipated for dogs or people to use the park.

    How will overly friendly or unfriendly dogs be managed in the off-leash dog park?

    Code of conduct and park rules (“petiquette”) will be posted at the entrance to the park. The District will continue to work with CRD Enforcement to help decrease potential conflict.

    Will the dog park smell or are there any sanitary concerns?

    Dog owners who use these parks value the opportunity they offer. Owners who take the time to use the park care for the well-being of their pets and want the area to be safe, clean, and pleasant. For this reason, we are confident responsible and conscientious dog owners will make use of the available waste receptacles.

    With the development of a fenced dog park, does this mean that dogs cannot be off-leash elsewhere in the community?

    No. Changes to animal control may take place in the future to protect environmentally sensitive areas; however, it is anticipated off-leash and under control dog areas will remain available throughout the community.

    Will the dog park have a washroom?

    A public washroom is available at nearby John Phillips Memorial Park (5-minute walk) and public washrooms may be incorporated into the Town Centre Park within the Lot A Development. As a result of these facilities, a washroom is not planned for this space.