District Adopts Community Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

The District's Community Economic Development Committee has developed a Community Economic Development (CED) Strategy and Action Plan (the "Strategy"), and recommends that it be adopted by Council. Citizen, business and organization engagement was carried out over the summer of 2021, and the Strategy takes into account the feedback provided during the engagement. Development of the Strategy used a Low Carbon Resilience approach to analyze potential actions. The Strategy is nested in Climate Action.

The Strategy has the following Vision and Strategic Goals:


Sooke’s community economy realizes environmental, social and economic co-benefits for all residents/citizens, is grounded in its vital partnership with the T'Sou-ke First Nation, and is Low Carbon Resilient, diversified, resilient and adaptable.


1. To attract new businesses and organizations that are Low Carbon Resilient. Definition of Low Carbon Resilient businesses are those that, to the greatest extent possible:

  • contribute to a circular economy,
  • protect natural resources and carbon sinks,
  • provide protection from climate risks,
  • lower GHG emissions,
  • identify social, environmental and economic co-benefits as part of the business vision.

2. To support existing businesses and organizations to grow, thrive and create jobs in Sooke.

3. To augment opportunities for all Sooke residents to contribute to, participate in, and benefit from, a healthy community and Low Carbon Resilient economy. Specific strategies and actions with timelines are included, to provide guidance on implementation, and to ensure that implementation begins following Council adoption of the Strategy.

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